The Process

Easy as 1-2-3


We use locally grown, in-season flowers and plants from our gardens, the open fields, the forest, and farmers. We have positive relationships with our growers and good relationships make for good deals.


We have an eclectic collection of decorating elements that can be changed to fit any theme or color. We have vases, some artificial flowers, stands, draping, containers, baskets, an arch, and some lighting.


We are the queens of “do it yourself”! So much so, we can take the DIY activities to your house and host a DIY event with your friends and family. For example, do you want a special backdrop? We can make that for you, or you can help us! Do you have vases you want to personalize but are not sure how? We have ideas that you (or we or your family) can do. These details will add to the special nature of your event without breaking the bank. For real. We can do this!


We do all the running, ordering, shopping, and making so you can be stress-free knowing that we got it covered. In the end, you are not stuck with 30 mason jars and signage to sell online. We have it, we use and we refurbish and redesign for the next event.


We listen to you. A lot. We will share ideas and visions on a shared Pinterest page. We will exchange ideas and texts and pictures. We want to know what you want. You may have dreams bigger than your pockets and we have ideas that will fit your budget without sacrificing joy, love, and beauty. You are always in the loop and make the final call.


You are the guiding light of our work. You shine through with all that we create. You are with us every step of the way. Literally, if you want. You can go shopping with us and pick out your flowers and paper. You can come and cut flowers with us. You can hot glue flowers to lanterns and help hand letter your signage. Or, you can simply text a thumbs up with a picture we share with you.


We work within your budget. From small and intimate dinner reception for 40 with a bridal bouquet and boho lighting to a large party barn with 30 tables and guest gifts. If your budget is $500 or $5000, we will work with you and all the creative options available.


We collaborate and cooperate with the other people and vendors connected to your event so we are all on the same page. We build relationships that help create a smooth flow on the day of your celebration.


We are talented, creative, fun, and dedicated. We think outside the box, we inspire each other and we value our friendship. We thrive with the challenge to create within limits. We are economical and ecological. We are inclusive and we care. We have cross-checks and balances with our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground.

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