What if my budget is small? 

It depends on you! You will still have a most beautiful event. We work with you to create your event and still have a personal and unique touch that expresses your vision.

What if my budget is $2000?

You will have still have the most beautiful event with handcrafted decor and gorgeous flowers.

What if I don’t know what I want?

We will work with you to help clarify your vision for this very special day. We will encourage you to explore your culture and faith, your family history and common interests to help ground this event in what makes you and your loved ones so special.

Can you do it all?

We can recommend photographers, caterers, venues, bakers, DJ’s and hair and make-up that serve our area. We will work with all the folks that are part of your wedding day to help make it a smooth event that never loses focus on you and your family!

Where is your area of service?

Southwest Wisconsin- and Destination weddings in Spanish speaking regions of the world. If you absolutely must take us to your wedding in Jamaica, we can clear our calendars.

What if the event is cancelled or postponed?

Well, that is disappointing but we can work with you. If your event is postponed, we can adjust our calendar with yours. If the event is cancelled, we both lose. We will do our best to return what funds we can.

Do you do more than weddings?

Of course. We can do your flowers and decorating for other family or business events.

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