About us

We are teachers and former teachers. We know how to work with people and bring out their best. Multi-tasking is our specialty, and we’ll get the job done! We are avid gardeners and enjoy working with flowers and getting our hands messy. We love working together and having fun. Let us create a beautiful event for you!

Denise Buckbee has been part of a flower family her whole life and was raised by a “can do” mom who has taught her confidence and skill. She is bilingual in Spanish and English with degrees in Art and Intercultural Service.

Karen Lee has been a flower lady her whole life and enjoys gardening for the birds and bees. She has a keen eye for design and a spirit of fun. She also is bilingual in Spanish and English with degrees in Spanish and Elementary Education.

Kathy Cale loves flowers and is a people person. She can make anyone feel comfortable and is ready to listen. She brings a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and a sense of humor to the table. She has a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in French.

Dana Cale has a degree Business Management with an emphasis on Sustainable Development. She has a steady hand for all the hand lettering and is always ready to supply the crew with innovative ideas and tech savvy marketing.


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