Event coordination for life’s many celebrations. Affirming the many forms of these occasions on an affordable budget. Your memorable celebration of love and family can be filled with visual beauty that lifts up the joy and still leaves you with funds for the other beautiful things in your future like a home, a honeymoon, an education. We can make beauty from any size event and any budget. We also create floral arrangements for other personal and family occasions.



We offer seasonal workshops to guide your creative process. We also offer creative workshops for your special event to involve your friends and family in the making of beauty and personal touches.

Corporate and Organizational Events

Event decorating to bring to life your organization’s personality and commitment to service and people. We work with your organizations existing logos and promotional materials to create a seamless event connecting your employees, vendors and clients to your goals and greater vision. We can help with your  events such as conferences, retreats,  recognition and awards or a client/employee/ volunteer appreciation party and seasonal decor.

Memorials and Funerals

Flowers bring such joy when we are grieving the loss of our loved one. In extremely difficult times, the personal touches and thoughtful arrangements give honor to those who have passed and connects us to the beauty of a life lived. We create personal arrangements for special events and for cemetery decoration.

Engagements, birthdays, graduations, retirements and all the other milestones in our lives we want to celebrate with flowers. We are here for you!

All of life’s events are welcoming and celebratory with flowers!

Tour our site to learn more about

what we can do for you!

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  1. Hello
    Jen from chapters on the horizon I’m putting together a summer photo shoot wondering if you would be interested


    1. Tell me more about the shoot! Sounds interesting! Thanks for reaching out!


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