Ode to 2021

This has been an amazing year of learning and opportunity. I have grown and continue to grow in my art. I have been a maker and creative for as long as I can remember. I have learned that floral design is like sculpture and cooking. There are ingredients that have texture, line, color, shape, and absolute beauty. The ingredients are unique and have special needs for processing and storing. Each bloom and branch has optimal design elements that create the most visually pleasing experience. Increased freshness and vase life is a race against time, or better viewed as the acceptance of time. Flowers do die once cut and in that brief moment, that beauty brings joy, pleasure, and peace. 

This learning has taken place over my lifetime as well as over the last few years as a floral designer, working with flowers as the medium. I have studied, read, viewed, practiced, and shared what I have learned. I am continually inspired by talented florists and dedicated growers. If there is one thing that inspires me are the growers. We have built relationships of trust and collaboration. I continue to improve my observation of growing and blooming culture. And, I continue to find new local growers who are just as excited as I am. I have learned to trust the growers and accept the wild side of nature.

My team is the sisters I never had. Aren’t all good friends like that? We have grown so much as floral designers, growers, business ladies, and as friends. If a critique of our work or behaviors is in order, we usually preface it with “said with love”. And, I know it is. I also know that I talk…a lot. And my chattering isn’t really intended for others to listen, it is me talking to the flowers about what I am doing or what I am going to do. And there are also times when I have a story to tell and I do want the audience. However, the audience is busy making beautiful things with flowers and frankly are not listening. I get it. And I thank you ladies, for being my sisters and friends. 

I am ever so thankful for the folks who have trusted me and my team to create a floral vision for important events and milestones. Those special days, whether sad, joyous, or bittersweet, are made better with flowers and we are so appreciative of the opportunity to share our love of flowers, our talents, and inspirations. 

Published by Wildflower Prairie Smoke

I am a creative. I love my family, my furballers and my students. I love flowers, making things and pretending that the cool fall snow and low damp clouds is really summer in the mountains. I love smelling lavender, laughing with friends and bringing beauty to our lives

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