Everyone has one suit for two occasions…

weddings and funerals. Uncle Jimmy said that if I was going into the flower business, I will be doing funerals. I scoffed at first because I thought, who wants to do funerals? It feels so unsavory. I changed my mind.

There are these big things that happen in our lives where people come together to witness the journey. We celebrate the day we get here, the days in between and the day we leave. Uncle Jimmy said “you live and you die”. Of course, of course you do. He added “everybody needs funeral flowers”.  Why do we need flowers?  Funerals are the remembering, the loving, the celebrating, the reconciling and the grieving of life.

The hard good-byes, the ones that hurt the most, require tenderness, courage and a little humor. There is that time when we all find comfort with others. Most recent, we had to say good bye, for now, to two lovely people. They were lovely in all that this means: loving, having love and being everything lovely.  They are uniquely part of the Wildflower family in such meaningful ways. Many of the flowers in our bouquets came from gramma’s garden and seeds from gramma’s flowers spanning generations. Her zinnias are everywhere and para siempre. We are with our ancestors always; they are not far.  I had the inspiration to make floral arrangements for one of the gramma’s. As a florist, I wanted to practice, as an artist, I wanted to create and as the friend, I wanted to give. The entire process from researching, planning, creating and sharing opened my heart and mind to the leave-taking side of florals. The funeral flowers. The process, like life, por supuesto, is sad but also challenging, beautiful, awkward and loving.

I like doing funeral flowers. It is beautiful and sad. And, it is O.K. We will say good bye to our grandparents, our parents, our siblings, our children and our dearest of friends and chosen tribe. We will have our suit and our spirit. And, we will not be alone. Flowers lift up and brighten the spiritual journey for all gathered.

Here is an article that gives evidence of the healing power of flowers.

Flower Power

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