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your flowers can last well into the month after your big day. For real. Folks ask how to preserve the bouquets and arrangements and we will share some tips and tricks that work for us. After all, Auntie Em and Gramma want to enjoy the centerpiece arrangements on their dining room table for beauty and as a reminder of your special day. You may want to cherish your bouquet and the mini bouquets aka boutonnieres a bit longer too.

Fresh flowers can be maintained by releasing the stems from the arrangement, cutting the bottom tips and placing in fresh water. Changing the water every other day helps to keep the flower hydrated and the water clean of bacteria. Sounds like too much effort? No worries. Fuss less and still, you will continue to enjoy our flowers weeks later. You can use the flower food packet you get with your store bought bouquets. If you don’t have any stuffed in that one drawer, no worries. It is essentially a mix of bleach and sugar. House Beautiful is probably right. And if making a quart of some flower water is too much, scientists have shown that the storage temperature is what really helps. We keep our flower fridges about 38-39 F. Your average household fridge has fruit and vegetables which emit a harmful gas to flowers. Better to change the water once in a while, with a few drops of bleach.

  • Cut the rose stems to about an inch.
  • Place in small jam jars, submerging up to the bottom of the rose.
  • Put a whole bunch of these roses all over: Your bathroom, next to the coffee pot, a few arranged on a plate as a centerpiece on your dinner or coffee table, night stand, guest room, the cup holder in your car…anywhere!

Honestly, with a little effort, you can enjoy  your fresh flowers for more than a month.

We usually take any extra flowers to the local elder care or we take them to the studio to recreate more beauty to share.

Happily, your bouquets and all the fresh flowers are forever saved in photographic collections, of which you can always frame and display in your home. Some artists and businesses will make a poster of your bouquet. One place in particular will appeal to the botanical and scientific aspect of your flowers. Check this out!  Others glass press your blooms like this vendor on Etsy.  This artist also dries and presses your bouquet like this Stephanie Walshak

You can always hang your bouquet upside down in a cool, dry place. If your flowers are in a wet foam, remove the stems, tie together and hang. After a few weeks, you can arrange them  however you desire. The colors will fade, but the memories won’t.

Not to be too punny or heavy, but you can make a paperweight with your flowers too!

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Check this link for more ideas on how you can DIY

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