It is your wedding…or so they say

We, the parents, the bridesmaids, the florist, the caterer and the venue coordinator are reminded of this. It is not our wedding. I remember, my wedding and it started out as my wedding, then turned to OUR wedding and then, in the end, it was everyone’s wedding. Yes, the initial ideas of colors and flowers and decorations, the ceremony and cakes and food and venue and music, it is about you and your partner. Eventually, though, with more cooks in the kitchen, the wedding becomes an event for all of us. You and your partner are the center and we are celebratingĀ  you, your union, your love, your future and what you, as two, will give back to the community. We are there for you two, and you are here for us, to witness, to support, to love and to encourage. So, yes, it is YOUR wedding but is your family, friends and community that you do this event for. When you elope and go to the Love Chapel in Las Vegas, it is your wedding. When you invite your family and friends, you include us in your celebration of love. Love is gentle, kind and as you learn, very patient, flexible and forgiving. Your wedding is your wedding and you will have the flowers you want and the colors you hope for but then again, you might not. The tuxedo rental store may not have your colors, the caterer runs out of steak, the bartender does not know how to make those Brandy Old Fashions, the florist could not get those orchids within your price range, your aunt shows up with unplanned cupcakes to add to the cake table, the party barn is short a few tables and it just might rain that day. It is all good. You got your person, your family and your friends and the big day is for all of us.

This is a big day, the biggest party you may ever have in your honor and your family and friends are here for you.

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I am a creative. I love my family, my furballers and my students. I love flowers, making things and pretending that the cool fall snow and low damp clouds is really summer in the mountains. I love smelling lavender, laughing with friends and bringing beauty to our lives

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