Beauty is good for the soul

Beauty is good for the soul

And science proves what we already know. We need beauty and we like it around us. We strive to make it and be it, no matter our aesthetic, our standard of beauty or our pocket book. We know what we like. We know what pleases our eye and we gravitate towards that. The beauty is sensational. We feel it through our eyes, our hands, our nose, our ears, our feelings and we know it deep in our heart and soul. We record it in our memories.

We want to share the experience of beauty. Sometimes, we want to be alone with it. When we share it, we draw ourselves closer and happier. When we are alone, we grow in our gratitude and joy. Maybe this beauty brings nostalgia or a person of the past. We may sit with tender thoughts.

Beauty is bold and gives energy. It invigorates our imagination. It takes our breath away and may just push us down or bring us to our knees. And it can’t be so easily imitated. It is authentic, in the moment and at the same time, forever.

Nature brings us this sense of being. In Spanish, “being” can be interpreted in two ways: the permanent and the temporary. A flower in the field or a flower in a vase. Both bring beauty and being to the traveler, forever and fleeting. Borges writes:

Soy eco, olivido, nada.

I am eco, forgotten, nothing. Though blind, he wrote of beauty, big and alone; a beauty of brother and sisterhood reflected in each other.

Our understanding of the universe is ever changing and adapting to new knowledge. Some physicists recently played with some numbers and their math suggests that there was no beginning of the universe: it has always been. So it is with beauty. Forever, ethereal, an eco of our ancestral connection to nature and each other.


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